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1. Making Your Way Around Amazon

Optimize your Amazon Seller Account

  • Business Information
  • Email Address
  • Contact No
  • Credit Card
  • Tax ID / VAT certificate from FTA, UAE
  • State Tax ID
  • Customer service setup

2. Product Listing Optimization

  • Get Your Pricing Right
  • Product Titles Matter
  • Clear Product Image
  • Concise Product Descriptions
  • Variations
  • Encourage Getting Reviews

Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA)



  • Prime eligibility
  • Hands-off fulfillment
  • Buy-box advantages
  • Lower shipping rates
  • Additional Fees
  • Expensive multi-channel fulfillment
  • Tax Obligations
  • Competitive review

3. Selling on Amazon Tips

  • Top keywords for your product and review the estimating of search result
  • You can be almost 20% more costly than the current pricing by other vendors.
  • Keep pricing Steady
  • Offer 15% launch concession
  • Cross selling
  • Offer 40% on bundles pricing
  • Stock Clearance for recovery, reduce additional products (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or other holidays)
  • Checking on Details and Customer Feedback

Amazon restricted Products

  • Dangerous, Offensive and Perishable items
  • E.g. Explosive, Alcohol, Pharmaceuticals, Cultural Artifacts etc.

Categories requires Approval

  • Automotive, Jewelry, Watches, Coins, Fine Arts
  • Groceries, Music /CDs, Handmade, Sports Collectibles, Video/DVD,
  • Major appliances, Services, Streaming media players, Laser Pointers

Amazon Pay

Millions of customers around the globe to pay for products and services. Almost 33 Million customers using Amazon pay.

BigCommerce Amazon Channel manager

  • Two-way sync between BigCommerce and Amazon
  • Update Inventory
  • FBM orders Management
  • FBA coming soon
  • List one/bulk editor

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